Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Custom Job

After discussing at length the idea on the forums and looking at the results of the poll, I've decided that doing a frame store in the typical sense just isn't viable. The time and money involved to put something together that would be efficient and desirable would not yield anywhere near enough profit to make it worth the large amount of time invested.

However, I am willing to take commissions for custom frames and companies. This is much more viable as I wouldn't have to keep frames on hand and I can design/build on a case by case basis determined by the budget of the buyer. Not only that but I feel it would be much more fun and rewarding for me to do something like this over a cookie cutter frame store.

If you're interested in a MittenNinja designed custom company (or individual frame) shoot me an email at MittenNinja@gmail.com. Let me know what you're looking for, what budget you're working with, and we can see what we can whip up!

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