Monday, May 14, 2012

Not Your Typical Iguana

The ST-09 Iguana is one of two standard issue frames in use with the serpent legion (the other being the ST-07SLC "Fat Snake" Chub). Being a common frame in the Legion, it needs to be adaptable to multiple battlefield situations, which means there are a number of "standard" variants of the Iguana being fielded. Below are two of those variants.
ST-09c Recon Iguana
 2d6Rd - Heavy Autocannon
2d6Rh - Flamethrower
2d6Y - Commlink and Laser Rangefinder

ST-09d Longbow Iguana
3d6Ra - Guided RPG Launcher
3d6Rd - Poseidon Heavy Machine Gun
1d6B - Composite Armor Plating