Monday, May 14, 2012

Not Your Typical Iguana

The ST-09 Iguana is one of two standard issue frames in use with the serpent legion (the other being the ST-07SLC "Fat Snake" Chub). Being a common frame in the Legion, it needs to be adaptable to multiple battlefield situations, which means there are a number of "standard" variants of the Iguana being fielded. Below are two of those variants.
ST-09c Recon Iguana
 2d6Rd - Heavy Autocannon
2d6Rh - Flamethrower
2d6Y - Commlink and Laser Rangefinder

ST-09d Longbow Iguana
3d6Ra - Guided RPG Launcher
3d6Rd - Poseidon Heavy Machine Gun
1d6B - Composite Armor Plating 


  1. Love the shoulder cannon on the Longbow here mate.

  2. The articulation looks great! What's the part number to the "cross" piece at the bottom of the torso?