Sunday, October 13, 2013

Feast of Blades Day 2

They got me a fancy badge and everything.
Now that I'm able to actually sit down with my computer and a solid internet connection, I can finally upload some shots from my actual camera (instead of my crappy phone cam) and go into a little more detail of the happenings of the con.

I must say, the second day was much more eventful than the first. Even with people tied down to tournament matches, a ton of people made time to swing by the demo and at least pick my brain for a bit if not run through a small skirmish. Everyone who played came away from the game loving it and I can't even count how many times I heard someone say "I can't wait to go home and dig out my Lego to build this stuff!" 

A member of the press group filming rounds of the Hordes/Warmachine tournament came by and completely geeked out. He immediately went and got a camera and filmed while I explained the game to him. Later on, I set up a game on his tournament table with three cameras and lighting all set up and we played an entire game on film! He's going to have to do some editing, but with the multiple camera angles and such it is going to be sweet! I'll make sure to let you all know when that stuff becomes available!

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