Monday, November 18, 2013

Mobile Frame Zero Tournament at Denver Comic Con

Things are starting to fall into place for the first official Mobile Frame Zero Tournament, which will be held at the Denver Comic Con this upcoming summer (June 13-15). We've already secured a couple of sponsors for the tourney (which includes some cool prizes to give away as well), and I've been working with Josh to put together a set of rules for the tournament as well. As of right now, the tournament rules are as follows:
  • All participants must register their company (maximum of 8 frames) prior to the beginning of the event.
  • The frames in your company may not be reconfigured once registered (with SSRs being the only exception).
  • Before each match, each participant must choose a number of frames from their company to field. Once these frames are chosen, they cannot be changed for that match (except in the case of tied starting scores).
  • Terrain will be set up by tournament officials.
  • First and second round matches will be three player skirmishes, with the winner advancing. In the case of a tie, both players will advance to the next round. If there are ties, second and final round matches may consist of four players.
  • The final round will be a three player battle, with the winner taking first place and the remaining players taking second and third relative to their score.
That should give you a good idea of what we will be working with for the tourney (so those of you who like to get a good head start on things can get cracking on their companies now), but things may change slightly as we come closer to the event. Terrain and tables will be set up prior to the match starting so the only thing participants will need to bring will be frames, stations, dice, and rulers. Speaking of tables, Kreator Hobbies has kindly offered to supply gaming tables for the tournament. If you were out at Rocky Mountain Con a few weeks back, you got the chance to see one of their prototypes up close and personal. If not, You can take a look at their Kickstarter (which hasn't started quite yet) to get a good idea of what they will be putting together. Regardless of your game of choice, these tables are going to be absolutely sweet as they are completely modular and will be much more affordable than most dedicated gaming tables out there.

Not only has Kreator offered to supply these tables for the tournament, but they will be giving out a Gaming Table (type yet to be decided) to the grand prize winner! Also, all participants who reach the championship table will receive a custom piece of artwork of a frame of their choice from RyujinDX, who has done a number of pieces of artwork for the MFZ rulebook! Other prizes and goodies are still in the works, but chances are there will be something fun for everyone that plays in the tourney as well!

I'm getting really excited for this event, and I hope you are too! 

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