Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tactics Talk 11/13/13

After playing a hefty amount of games in the last month or so, I've made a few observations that have changed my tactical thinking a bit. This "Tactics Talk" post is not a full in depth post about specific tactics like my Tactics101 posts, but a group of smaller points discussed in bite sized portions.

Defensive placement is vital. I know I've mentioned this before but its worth mentioning again. When placing your stations try to deny as much of the table as possible to your opponents. If you can make them place their frames/stations in vulnerable positions, you've made a huge step towards victory.

Playing as the secondary attacker seems to be the easiest position to play from. You don't have the score and placement disadvantages of the primary attacker, and you don't have the whole table gunning for you like the defender. However, your asset value is generally high enough to snatch the lead pretty easily, and you can manipulate your opponents a bit here and there to make sure you stay under the radar until you do.

The soldier loadout is arguably the best loadout in the game. Now this isn't to say that specialized builds aren't necessary or efficient, but a core of three or so soldiers makes an extremely effective backbone to a company. With one of every system, they tend to have really solid rolls for each action and don't stand out as much on the table either, making them low priority targets compared to that double arty double spotting frame over there.

Also, things are starting to fall into place for the first official MFZ tournament at the Denver Comic Con next summer. I'll have a more detailed update in the near future, but it looks like Mr Newman will be coming out to help run things as well as sign some books and we will have gaming tables by Kreator Hobbies for the tourney and possibly for the grand prize.

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