Friday, March 30, 2012

New Dinner Guests

Over the past few days there have been a number of other blogs that have popped up dedicated to MFZ in one way or another. I've added them to the links section to the right but I figured I would briefly go over them here.

No B.S. Just A.B.S.
Zeekhotep's Mechaton/MFZ blog. He's been around for quite some time and has the only blog still active that was around during the early stages of Mechaton. He;s got some awesome stuff up there if you dig around, including build breakdowns, battle reports, etc.

Another older blog with not as much activity on a regular basis, but he's got a number of frame designs in LDraw format as well as part lists and breakdowns of some older stuff too.

Mobile Frame Garage
Mantisking's blog which popped up about the same time as mine. He's got some great breakdowns of some standard builds done by Soren as well as a look into some community activity.

A Direwolf in Robot's Clothing
An effort to convert the Game of Thrones universe over into MFZ.

Tyrona: Shattered Planet
Another guy who, like myself, is creating his own setting to fit within MFZ.

Mobile Frame Hanger
MFZ fan run forums. Lots of good stuff going on there!

Do yourself a favor and check them out!

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