Monday, March 26, 2012

To win a war, you're gonna need some frames...

First thing's first, if you're going to play a mecha tabletop game you're going to need some mechs right? While there are some "default" builds that will be available in the rulebook when it releases, most people will be (and already have been) creating something of their own. I wanted to take a moment and go over some of the more prominent people who have been putting up their designs over at Flickr.

Jed September (responsible for that lovely machine to the right):
Jed has some wonderfully solid builds and very clean composition.

Soren is the official designer for MFZ, and for good reason. Everything he puts together blows my mind in one way or another.

Some very nice Commisar based frames and very clean color shcemes. This one is my personal favorite.

A really cool style, and how can you turn down a mech with a chair for a chest?

Not much MFZ related yet, but everything there is awesome!

There's plenty more around, and this list is by no means complete. There are a ton of other great builders and I encourage you to take some time and look through them!