Monday, March 26, 2012

The Orion 6 Conflict

So, the other aspect of this blog other than talking about MFZ is the setting and story that I am creating in the MFZ universe. Here's a brief rundown of what I have in mind.

The year is SC 0245, the planet: Orion 6. Rich in valuable minerals and ores, the arid planet became an important target for the SU to control. Shortly after the riots on Quall in 0240, the colonists of Orion 6 rebelled, attempting to force the UMFL presence out of the system. UMFL forces in the system viewed these uprisings and terrorist threats to the Union and hardened their resolve to eliminate the threat. The conflict continued to rage for years with neither side gaining a significant advantage. The Federation stepped in and offered the colonists of Orion 6 to join with them, but they refused. They didn't want to be part of any larger government, they just wanted their independence. The Federation agreed to open trade with the colonists as an independent, bringing the colonists needed supplies and rations in an otherwise barren environment.

Today, battle still rages on. The UMFL has bases scattered across the planet, trying to "liberate" the colonists from the terrorist threat the resistance poses to them. The "Serpent Legion," an elite branch of the UMFL has been dispatched to quell the rebel warbands that have been forming over the course of the past months, bringing high-end gear to the fight, and also giving resistance mechanics the chance to get some valuable salvage...

You may notice some similarities to the current/recent situation in the middle east, which is not completely coincidental. Where it gets interesting though, is where the Ijad come in. Since the people of Orion 6 have no desire to be a part of a larger government, the Ijad have found themselves more respectful of the colonists of this world. In fact, some Ijad have been willingly taken on by human hosts on the colony, creating a symbiotic relationship and in a sense a new "race."

The fiction aspect of things will focus on the conflicts between the Serpent Legion and one of these warbands, the Trident.

I feel there is a lot of room within this framework for some wonderful storytelling and some really badass events. Let me know what you think!