Sunday, September 15, 2013

Breeding Locusts

There have been a few takes on my recent Locust build popping up, and they look pretty sweet.

YA-38 Loggerhead

Malcom Craig has his YA-38 Loggerhead. I'm really digging what he's done with the center mass of this guy. The head and torso flow really nicely with the rest of the frame. It has a very slithery sea creature vibe to it too. Really nice work.

Flying Locust

1000Nuglets to the insect vibe one step further by adding some awesome wings and little pincers in the mouth of the frame.

Finally, XGundam05 built the XWA-41 Govei "Thief." Again, I really like what he's done with the torso shaping on this. I could easily see this guy next to a few iguanas. Actually, that's not a bad idea...

Iguana and Komodo Dragon

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