Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Builder Spotlight: 9-24-13

It's been awhile since I've done one of these! Just a quick recap of some of the interesting and/or really cool builds popping up around the community. Starting things off is the "Hunky" by DRevD. He's fairly new on the scene but has already put together a couple cool designs and not to mention has some super slick photography.


Second, we go to veteran builder AYates with his AP-99 Wolf. I love the squat, bulkiness of this frame, and the wonderful use of Hovercraft Bumpers for legs. 

AP-99 'WOLF'

Third, is a lovely little guy from Groovybones. Now, this was not built for MFZ, but is the perfect scale and is quite a lovely little build. I'm particularly fond of the color choice. Azure is not a very commonly used color and it is pulled off wonderfully here. 

Groovy's Back, Baby

Fourth and finally is regular builder LowestFormofWit with a wonderful scrambler variant using a great tan/black color scheme that I may have to steal at some point. This is probably my favorite ijad styled frame I've seen, which shouldn't be surprising due to the level of detail he puts into his frames. 

I-ST-82 "Arcbringer" - Scrambler Artillery Variant

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