Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting to Know Orion 6

Serpent Legion Intelligence Report
Classification: SI1

Planet: Orion 6
Length of day: 37 hours
Length of solar orbit: 462 days

Climate: Arid with temperatures ranging from 125 degrees Fahrenheit during the peak hours of sunlight during the summer and dropping to roughly 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the night in colder months.

Terrain: Large deserts and badlands. Very small amounts of vegetation and water volume.

Settlements: There are four major port cities on Orion 6, each is a mecca for trade, legitimate and illegitimate alike.

Current UMFL Presence: At this time, the UMFL has 2 major firebases and multiple outposts scattered throughout the planet's cities. The only major city with no UMFL presence is Niflhel, which is the headquarters of the Orion Milita and home to many of the Resistance Cells that operate across the planet.


The Orion Militia has begun production of dedicated combat frames in the past year. The most common of these frames is the mkII Meerkat. While similar in loadout and combat capability to the UMFL's ST-07 Chubs, the Meerkat ditches extra armor for additional speed making them ideal for hit and run tactics. 

These are extremely versatile frames pilot, do not underestimate their capabilities.

Spectre SMG: 3d6Rd
Heavy Knuckle: 1d6Rh
1500hp Twin-Turbocharged Engine: 2d6G
1x SSR


  1. How are you getting the Red dice stats for this frame? Is the Heavy Knuckle considered a split system between Direct and Hand-to-Hand range?

    1. You're basically right, but instead of splitting the weapon traditionally, he's basically just shifted one of the dice to the direct fire weapon to make it stronger. Seems like a house rule type of thing, since the last ruleset I read didn't say you could do that. Still, I like the idea: the important thing to note is that you can lose the h2h weapon and still have 3 red dice, which is definitely more advantageous than traditional split. However, I think there should be some compromise there considering the advantage.

    2. Actually it is in the rules! You have one normal direct fire system with 2d6 dice, and then a split system that has 1d6 direct fire and 1d6 hth. If you lose the split system you still lose two dice.

    3. I know how split systems work.

      Yeah I get that, I just don't see how a set of knuckle dusters can count as half a Direct Fire system :) Hence my question about how he is justifying the 3d6Rd.