Monday, April 2, 2012

The Trident: Resisting the Reach of the Union

IG-88's programming lives in the Bastion just in case you were wondering.
A Trident Resistance Hit Squad
"This is our home and we've had enough of you Union scum pillaging through it!" -Leon Decker, Trident Resistance Leader


When the colonists on Quall rioted against the Union, it sent ripples through the rest of the Union colonies across the galaxy. It was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back and let to mass aggression against the Solar Union and UMFL. Resistance cells began popping up across the colonies, much to Union military superior's dismay, and they showed no signs of giving up or giving in.

Shortly before the riots on Quall, the colony on Orion 6 was founded. Orion 6 is a world rich in valuable ores, so rich in fact, that the resources on the sixth planet could build an entire fleet of ships with full brigades of mobile frames held within. This is why the Union founded the colony on desert planet, and began strip mining it. Cities began springing up on the planet, with spaceports being the main hub for each region on the planet. The ore was flowing back to the Union in droves and everyone was happy, until Quall...

News of the riots reached the Orion system and the colonists knew what would be next. Martial law, oppression, the constant eye of "big brother" over their shoulder, all from a government that was ripping out the resources that their land had, and taking them without any compensation. This, they wouldn't stand for.

Leon Decker, a strip miner from the southern hemisphere, organized a group of resistance fighters from among the miners and port workers around him. They took their labor frames and with the element of surprise, managed to wipe out the group of UMFL soldiers who were in charge of guarding the mine. The attack plan involved three strike teams all hitting at once, which Leon called a Trident attack. Word quickly spread across the barren planet of Leon's "Trident" and it didn't take long for the small group to gain near full support from the colonists. Mechanics and engineers used a combination of labor frames and salvaged or stolen Union parts to create forces more suited for fighting a war. Before long, the Trident had become a force that numbered in the hundreds and from them, the Orion Militia was formed. Leon and his close companions officially remained independent from the militia, however they are given weight in the ranks as if they were top brass.

As the years rolled by, the fighting continued. The Union sent more UMFL representatives to recruit and establish firebases on the planet's surface. They even called in the Serpent Legion, the most feared and elite division of the UMFL, to eliminate the Free Colony resistance on Orion 6. It looks like the Trident has their work cut out for them...

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